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Indiana Mulch & Stone LLC

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How to mulch

For a very attractive landscape, follow these steps before applying mulch:

  • Clean the area of all weeds, leaves and grass. If you are enlarging your landscape onto an established lawn, be sure to strip the sod completely.
  • Edge the border of your landscape and lawn. Edging is easily done by using a flat shovel or a power edger.
  • Trim all trees and shrubs.
  • If you're mulching over existing mulch be sure to loosen up the old mulch to ensure better moisture penetration.

Now you're ready to mulch! Best results are obtained by spreading the mulch with your hands at a thickness of about 3 inches. Do not allow mulch to make direct contact with plants to avoid disease problems or nearby wooden structures in case of termites. After you're finished mulching, water the mulch down to put moisture into it and to settle it into place.


Cubic Yard:
One cubic yard is equivalent to nine 3 cf. bags and covers approximately 100 sq.ft. at 3 inches deep.

Bagged Products:

  • 3 cf. bag covers approx. 12 sq.ft. at 3 inches deep
  • 2 cf. bag covers approx. 8 sq.ft. at 3 inches deep
  • 1 cf. bagged stone covers 6 sq.ft. at 1 inch deep (Landscape Fabric is highly recommended)
  • 40lb bagged soil covers approx. 5 sq.ft. at 1 inch deep
  • 50lb bagged stone covers approx. 5 sq.ft. at 1 inch
  • Please call us at 317-826-7777 with any questions.
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